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My focus is on solving problems at the intersection of parallel computing, large-scale data analysis, and low-latency systems. I seek to streamline quantitative and visual analysis workflows by developing novel algorithms and systems that leverage emerging trends in computer architecture.

Supporting research interests for this are high performance, stream, and distributed parallel computing, in combination with real-time systems, approximation algorithms, uncertainty quantification, numerical methods, visualization, computer graphics, software engineering, and programming languages.


  1. QuickQuery: GPU-Based Approximate Query Processing for Sub-Second Exploration At Scale
    Two Sigma Investments: Steven Martin, Larry Rudolph
    GPU Technology Conference 2020
  2. Transformations for Volumetric Range Distribution Queries
    OSU: Steven Martin, Han-Wei Shen
    IEEE PacificVis 2013
  3. Stereo Frame Decomposition for Error-Constrained Remote Visualization
    OSU: Steven Martin, Han-Wei Shen
    SPIE Visualization and Data Analysis 2013
  4. Interactive Transfer Function Design on Large Multiresolution Volumes
    OSU: Steven Martin, Han-Wei Shen
    IEEE Symposium on Large-Scale Data Analysis and Visualization 2012 (IEEE VisWeek 2012)
  5. Histogram Spectra for Multivariate Time-Varying Volume LOD Selection
    OSU: Steven Martin, Han-Wei Shen
    IEEE Symposium on Large-Scale Data Analysis and Visualization 2011 (IEEE VisWeek 2011)
  6. Load-Balanced Isosurfacing on Multi-GPU Clusters
    OSU: Steven Martin, Han-Wei Shen, LANL:Patrick McCormick
    Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization 2010
  7. Spikes and Bubbles in Turbulent Mixing: High Atwood Number Rayleigh-Taylor Instability
    LANL: Daniel Livescu, Mark Petersen, Steven Martin, and Patrick McCormick
    APS Gallery of Fluid Motion 2009 Poster
  8. Quantitatively Driven Visualization and Analysis on Emerging Architectures
    LANL: Patrick McCormick, Erik Anderson, Steven Martin, Carson Brownlee, Jeff Inman, Mathew Maltrud, Mark Kim, James Ahrens, and Lee Nau
    SciDAC 2008 Journal of Physics
  9. Efficient Rendering of Extrudable Curvilinear Volumes
    OSU: Steven Martin, Han-Wei Shen, PPPL: Ravi Samtaney
    IEEE PacificVis 2008
  10. Interactive selection of optimal fenestration materials for schematic architectural daylighting design
    RPI: Barbara Cutler, Yu Sheng, Steven Martin, Daniel Glaser, MIT: Marilyne Andersen
    Automation in Construction 17(2008)
  11. Interactive Rendering of Fenestration Materials for Architectural Design
    RPI: Yu Sheng, Steven Martin, Barbara Cutler
    SIGGRAPH 2007 Poster
  12. Interactive Selection of Optimal Fenestration Materials for Architectural Design
    RPI: Steven Martin, Yu Sheng, Barbara Cutler
    Graphics Interface 2007 Poster


  • OSU WI09: CSE781 Real-time Rendering
  • OSU AU08,WI10,SP10: CSE201 Elementary Computer Programming


Aside from coding and research my personal interests are electronics, cars(and automotive engine management systems), trains, and arcade games.